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Our mission is to bring healing and freedom to the nations, and we look forward to helping you achieve wholeness, health, and happiness. With God, all things are possible, and positive, life-changing possibilities are endless when we work together.

In 2009, God called Pastors Timothy and Karen Roberts to start a healing center in their home in Hamilton, ON. Today, our mission is to bring that integrated, wholeness healing to people around the world. Our ministry is credentialed with Partners in Harvest, a worldwide church association. Pastor Timothy is also ordained in the Partners of Harvest association.

We know that every person consists of three entities: spirit, soul and body. If you suffer problems in one of those areas, such as poor health, difficulties may arise in other areas as well. For instance, physical pain could lead to mental distress and a loss of contact with God.

Mental, health, and life problems do not have to overcome you because God made us to be victorious in life. At Health To You Ministry, we provide a number of services ranging from expert, personal consultation to courses designed to make your life better. Some courses we offer include those designed to help you deal with anger, fears, and additions. All courses, like all consultations, are based on God’s truth, which can bring healing to your spirit, soul, and body.

We teach you how to defeat the enemy who, through deception, dispenses misery and woe to our planet. Through a combination of Bible-based truths, mediation on God’s Word, and expert instruction, we help you lead a happy, fulfilling life. The first step begins with a call to us. Make it now—you’ll never regret it.

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