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Never-ending stresses and obstacles seem to appear out of nowhere daily. Mental health issues lead to everything from mild depression to confusion. They may also zap the joy out of life and make you feel completely alone. Don’t despair because we are friends, ready to help you through a variety of techniques that really work.

As an expert mental health counselor in Hamilton, ON, we employ compassionate teachers who have had positive life transformations following the same instructions they teach. These instructions are not “the power of positive thinking” ideas espoused in many books and courses. We tap into the infinite power of God, who gives you power, a spirit filled with love, and a healthy sound mind. As the Bible says, He renews your mind through His Word.

It takes a dedicated, experienced staff such as ours to help people overcome physical, mental, and life challenges. Whether we provide individual counseling or adult counseling, our professionals treat you like family and help you connect with God, the Father who heals your spirit, soul and body.

We are not simply a local organization that helps people beyond Hamilton, ON. Our reach is global and we offer courses and individualized mental health counseling in places such as Canada, Barbados and Mexico. We also have a prayer team that will lift up prayers of all kinds to God. Call us any time when you or your family needs help.

Remember, you don’t have to go through this life alone trying to carry mental burdens that are too large. When you feel overwhelmed, let us show you how to break the shackles of defeat and live in the wonderful glow of God’s wholeness. Contact us now get started!

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